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Embark on an extraordinary journey with My French Country Home’s Luxury Travel Experiences. For years, we’ve curated exceptional adventures for our global guests, unveiling the hidden gems of France. From exploring the timeless charm of Normandy’s antique havens to strolling through the picturesque villages of Provence, and savoring the delights of wine and gardens in Dordogne – each exclusive small-group travel experience is a bespoke journey, seamlessly blending elegance with authenticity.

Expert Guidance

Our itineraries guide you to hidden gems, reveal local secrets, and include exclusive stops curated by our regional experts. Immerse yourself in the authentic charm of French destinations.

Private Chauffeurs

Elevate your travel experience with the luxury of private chauffeurs. Relax and enjoy the journey as skilled drivers transport you seamlessly between destinations. 

Small Group, Unique Experience

With a maximum of 12 people, we create a close-knit, friendly atmosphere, allowing for personalized experiences and meaningful connections.

Upcoming Travel Experiences


June in Brittany with Amy Kupec Larue

SEPTEMBER 16TH – 21ST 2025

Our Leaders And Co-Hosts

Uncover the heart of France with our seasoned experts and special guests. Our travel experiences are guided by knowledgeable hosts and feature exclusive insights from local luminaries.

Sharon Santoni

MFCH Founder and Author
Sharon Santoni, the creator of My French Country Home, heads the Magazine, the MFCH Box, the Boutique, and Tours. Rooted in France for her entire adult life, she holds a deep affinity for French culture. With a passion for sharing insights on French antiques, cuisine, as well as home and garden design, her blog provides a charming peek into life amidst the picturesque Normandy countryside, including her family and dogs.

Amy Kupec Larue

Garden Specialist
Amy has had the wonderful opportunity to live, work, and travel throughout France for the past 30 years. Since 2005, she has been guiding individuals and groups, including the Pacific Horticulture Society and the New York Botanical Garden, on tours through public and private gardens in Paris, Normandy, Brittany, the Loire River Valley, the South of France, and Tuscany.

Jamie Beck

Artist and Photographer
Jamie Beck is an artist and author living and working in Provence, France. After leaving New York behind for what was supposed to be a one-year sabbatical, author and photographer Jamie Beck has curated a life of creation in Provence, in the South of France. For the last six years, Jamie has built photographs, expanded her family and most importantly, cultivated a legacy that feels as authentic and filled with romanticism as the artworks she so passionately produces.

Lucy Hunter

Award-winning designer and author
Award winning garden designer, author and floral artist, Lucy Hunter has already exhibited her own designs at the Chelsea Show. She has published two best-selling books and tours the world talking about her particular style of arranging flowers, and ‘bringing the outside inside’. Lucy is a long time friend of MFCH, and has already accompanied several of our tours to Provence in Southern France.

What our clients say about us

Cathy, Provence 2023

"I love all the things I found on our trip especially the antique man's head that we bought from Mike. We look forward to exploring more of France and hope we can visit the Normandy region next time. Thank you and Amy for making our trip memorable and fun."

Judy, Provence 2022

"The tour was even more than I imagined! I loved seeing the countryside, the incredible homes and gardens, the amazing meals and the lovely hotel. We're wonderful in every way. I will treasure the memories of the tour! Merci Beaucoup!"

Genevieve, Dordogne 2022

"My head is honestly still spinning and processing all of the beauty that we took in over a handful of davs, not to mention the five-star experience of traveling with you. know that all that we saw will undoubtedly provide a wellspring of garden inspiration for a lifetime."

Dianne, Provence 2018

"Taking an MFCH tour is one of the best opportunities to intimately experience France. If indulging in gardens, flowers, shopping, antiquing, history, cooking, eating, and friendship, all within a charming, magical French setting is of any interest to you, then a MFCH is not to be missed."

Explore our itineraries

Our itineraries are the perfect travel companion for your trip to France, with day-to-day list of where to go and what to see!

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