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Luxury Small-Group Tours in France

Embark on a journey like no other with My French Country Home’s Luxury Tours. For years, we’ve curated extraordinary experiences for our global guests, unveiling the hidden gems of France. From exploring the timeless charm of Normandy’s antique havens to strolling through the picturesque villages of Provence, and savoring the delights of wine and gardens in Dordogne – each tour is a bespoke masterpiece, seamlessly blending luxury with authenticity.

Tours in 2024

We are currently answering enquiries about our 2024 Tours.

MFCH Tours

Discover the charming gardens this spring in Provence and get your creativity buzzing in the company of Sandra Sigman of Les Fleurs and Lucy the Flower Hunter. Limited spaces are available.

MFCH Tours

Our first ever culinary tour combined with antiques shopping and artisanal experiences. We will be accompanied by French cook Camille Chamignon who will show us the tricks of French home cuisine.

MFCH Tours

Join Lucy and Sharon on a creative retreat in Provence for floral arranging, painting workshops, beautiful garden discoveries, delicious food, and even some relaxation.

MFCH Tours

Discover some top-secret, beautiful gardens in Normandy, and get hands-on with floral design with Lucy the Flower Hunter and Sharon Santoni. And that is not all! We also have many opportunities to shop for antiques and brocante treasure.

MFCH Tours

Come with us to visit the beautiful Dordogne! Fine food, spectacular gardens, breathtaking villages, antiques and so much more!

Need more information about a tour?

Embark on your journey with confidence. Whether you seek more information about your daily itinerary or have specific inquiries about the destination, our team is here to answer your questions and ensure your travel experience exceeds expectations.

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Why travel with us

01. Expert Guidance

Uncover the heart of France with our seasoned experts and special guests. Our tours are guided by knowledgeable hosts and feature exclusive insights from local luminaries.

02. Private Chauffeurs

Elevate your travel experience with the luxury of private chauffeurs. Relax and enjoy the scenic journey as skilled drivers transport you seamlessly between destinations.

03. Connections with Locals

Forge meaningful connections beyond the surface as we facilitate encounters with locals. Engage in cultural exchanges, and explore hidden gems known only to those rooted in the community. 

What our clients say about us

Cathy, Provence 2023

"I love all the things I found on our trip especially the antique man's head that we bought from Mike. We look forward to exploring more of France and hope we can visit the Normandy region next time. Thank you and Amy for making our trip memorable and fun."

Judy, Provence 2022

"The tour was even more than I imagined! I loved seeing the countryside, the incredible homes and gardens, the amazing meals and the lovely hotel. We're wonderful in every way. I will treasure the memories of the tour! Merci Beaucoup!"

Genevieve, Dordogne 2022

"My head is honestly still spinning and processing all of the beauty that we took in over a handful of davs, not to mention the five-star experience of traveling with you. know that all that we saw will undoubtedly provide a wellspring of garden inspiration for a lifetime."

Dianne, Provence 2018

"Taking an MFCH tour is one of the best opportunities to intimately experience France. If indulging in gardens, flowers, shopping, antiquing, history, cooking, eating, and friendship, all within a charming, magical French setting is of any interest to you, then a MFCH is not to be missed."

Explore our itineraries

Our itineraries are the perfect travel companion for your trip to France, with day-to-day list of where to go and what to see!


In and around one of the most gorgeous and historic areas in the most romantic city in the world – Paris’s Saint-Germain neighborhood.


Discover this vibrant harbor town and nearby islands on the Mediterranean Sea, often described as “the Paris of the south.”


D-Day Landing Beaches, Mont Saint-Michel, Monet’s Gardens, and iconic seaside villages are just some of the highlights in this ultimate guide to the Normandy coast.


Explore Nice – France’s second-largest city – and the sun-soaked Côte d’Azur, boasting some of the world’s most glamorous coastal towns.


Discover this vibrant harbor town and nearby islands on the Mediterranean Sea, often described as “the Paris of the south.”


Welcome to the beautiful Luberon, in the heart of Provence. Enjoy our  7-day Itinerary touring you around the best spots in the region


Discover an incredibly enchanting village set against a sparkling, aquamarine lake surrounded by rocky, snow-capped mountains.

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