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Provence Diaries

Provence has long been a haven for artists, and it’s easy to see why. Our June tour in Provence was a journey of creativity, inspiration, and discovery. The unique landscapes and enchanting villages set the stage for a week of artistic exploration and genuine connection. Here are the key moments that made our tour truly special.

June 18, 2024

Our Provence tour in June was more than just a trip; it was a celebration of creativity in its many forms. The workshops were designed to ignite imagination and foster creativity. Whether it was a plein-air painting session surrounded by olive trees or a morning floral atelier, these workshops provided a space for self-expression and artistic development. Our special co-hosts, experts in their fields, guided participants with warmth, helping each person to tap into their creative potential.

Beyond the workshops, our journey was filled with moments that embodied the spirit of Provence. Strolling through local markets, savouring the exquisite flavors of regional cuisine, and exploring the hidden gems of picturesque villages all contributed to a rich tapestry of experiences. Each day was an opportunity to connect with the culture and history of Provence, making every moment a source of inspiration.

We were thrilled to be the first tour to stay at the newly renovated Bastide du Mourre, belonging to our friends the Domaines de Fontenille.   We had the entire hotel to ourselves and enjoyed our time surrounded by beautiful vineyards and lavender fields.

Perhaps the most special aspect of our tour was the community that formed among our travelers. Brought together by a shared passion for creativity and a love of France, our group became a close-knit family over the course of the week. We laughed, learned, and created together, forming friendships that will last long after the tour ended. The connections made and the memories shared are the true treasures of our Provence journey.

One of the highlights of our tour was the flower workshop led by the incredibly talented Lucy Hunter. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Provence, participants learned the delicate art of floral arrangement, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colours and textures of the region.

Another enriching aspect of our tour was the chance to meet and learn from local artisans. We visited studios and workshops, discovering the skills and passions behind traditional crafts. These artisans shared their stories and techniques, offering our group a deeper understanding of Provence’s rich cultural heritage. These encounters were not only educational but also fostered meaningful connections.

Jamie Beck in Provence

Join Us Next Year: April in Provence with Sharon Santoni and Jamie Beck

Join Jamie Beck and Sharon Santoni to explore the Luberon, a captivating region with breathtaking landscapes, charming villages, and a rich cultural heritage.  As well as exploring the region, you’ll have opportunities to learn from Jamie about her photography and art of creating and shooting beautiful still-lifes.  

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